Japanese Traditional Thatched Roof House in Miyama, Kyoto. Hotel for only one Group a Day.

Enjoy Casa Miyama and guided tour of Northern Kyoto
Pick-up Service from your hotel at Kyoto city or JR Kyoto Station to Casa Miyama, including a guided tour of the thatched village of Miyama.

Whole House for One Group A Day

Two photographers have restored a 110-year-old high-quality traditional Japanese thatched roof house in Miyama, Kyoto. Currently, the thatched roof is covered with tiles, but if you go up to the attic, you can still see the splendid thatched roof. In the "The Thatched Roof Gallery & Library", you can enjoy the photo exhibition of the owners photographic works. Without changing the original form of the traditional Japanese house, they restored and reused the traditional fittings by themselves, and renovated the interior to suit the modern lifestyle while retaining the traditional long wooden veranda and tatami rooms with a view of the Japanese garden covered with vivid green moss.

CASA MIYAMA from the Sky


Enjoy the rural life in Kyoto, in a traditional Japanese house with thatched roof.
Indoor floor area has180㎡ plus attic with thatched roof. It has capacity of 8 people. A bedroom with a veranda overlooking the traditional storehouse, an Japanese cypress wooden bath with a view of the garden, a dining kitchen with a hearth table and a wood-burning stove, a tatami room with a garden and veranda like a Japanese Buddhist temple, and more.


Enjoy luxurious and comfortable space
Modern facilities and amenities are installed so that you can stay comfortably in a 110-year-old house. Air conditioner, wood-burning stove, bed, Wi-Fi, Japanese cedar wooden bath tub, kitchen and various other amenities are some of them. The house has also a traditional Japanese garden, BBQ garden terrace, star observation wood deck, and etc. Spend your time as you want on the 1200㎡ premises.


Enjoy BBQ at Japanese garden terrace.
Try our "Superb Casa Miyama BBQ Set" that includes deer and boar meat hunted in MIyama, local free-range chicken, 100% Iberian pork homemade mini hamburger meat, Wagyu (Japanese beef), seafood, and vegetables of local farmers. You can also bring your own BBQ food.


Japanese cuisine, Spanish cuisine made of local products, or bring in your own food.
For dinner, you can enjoy "Miyama's Chicken Sukiyaki" through the year. From April to October, we also offer "Casa Miyama BBQ ". Only In winter we also serve "Botan Nabe", hot pot with boar meat from Miyama.You can also cook on your own. For Breakfast, we serve our famous "Spanish Breakfast".


Let's make today an anniversary.
We offer "Engawa Portrait", family portrait session on the traditional wooden veranda, Engawa, of Casa Miyama. We also offer "Studio Portrait" at MIYAMA PHOTO STUDIO. Also analog portrait photo session menus of MIYAMA PHOTO STUDIO are available with 20% discount for only our guests.


"Absolutely Miyama"
A video blog about Casa Miyama and our rural life in Miyama.


Life in Rural Japan
Two photographers from Japan and Spain who traveled and photographed around the world picked up Miyama as their home. What do they find in Miyama, and what do they want to do here?




“It was my first time to rent a whole house, so I was very happy to be able to use this big house. Everything was clean and beautifully renovated. Especially the bath was amazing! BBQ at Japanese garden was very spacious and comfortable. We could enjoy firework at picnic area. Location of the house is wonderful and surrounded with nature. We could swim in the river nearby. At night, the sky was full of starts. We could see even the Milky Way! Our children are also very happy. Next time, we would like to stay in another season. Highly recommended!!


Portrait photo session of Miyama Photo Studio 20%OFF Only for our Guests

from ¥17,600

(from ¥19,360 tax incl.)
20% OFF only for Guests

Wet Plate Portrait

We use a grand format camera to make a portrait of "Wet Plate". This process had been invented in the 19th century before the film was invented. Our wet plate is tintype, which means we use a aluminium plate to make an image on it.


(¥15,840 tax incl.)
20% OFF only for Guests

Polaroid Transfer Portrait

We use an old polaroid camera to make a portrait. Then, we apply an alternative process called "Polaroid Transfer" in which we transfer the image of polaroid film onto a Japanese paper. The image will be like a painting rather than a picture.

from ¥24,000

(from ¥26,400 tax incl.)
20% OFF only for Guests

Gelatin Silver Portrait

We use medium format film camera with black and white films. Then we develop the film and make print manually in our traditional dark room. The print will be museum-quality baryta gelatin silver print.


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