BBQ at Traditional Japanese House

BBQ in the Japanese Garden

Enjoy Superb BBQ in the Japanese Garden

Tables and chairs are placed on the garden terrace surrounded by Japanese stone walls. Under the garden lights hanging overhead, enjoy BBQ with a high-end BBQ gas stove.

High-End BBQ Gas Grill

We have a high-end BBQ gas stove by Weber. No charcoal or grill nets are required, so even people who are not familiar with BBQ can easily enjoy barbecue. Since the gas stove has a lid, you can cook thick steaks or block meat very well with plenty of gravy, and enjoy the original flavor of vegetables.


The stylish bonfire wood stove can be used as a bonfire stand to keep you warm. Please refrain from grilling food on this wood stove. For grill cooking, please use a gas grill.

Enjoy Outdoor Cooking

BBQ utensils, tongs, cooking thermometer, wooden cutting board, carving knife & fork, BBQ skewers, BBQ salt and pepper, and meat herbs are included. Enjoy cooking outdoors.

BBQ at Garden

The BBQ space is a garden terrace surrounded by stone walls. There are two large round terrace tables. Garden lights are hung above the table, so you can dine at night.

Take a Nap in a Hanging Chair

You can wait for the BBQ to be cooked while swinging on the hanging chair, or take a nap after eating.

Firework under the Stars

Above the stone wall that surrounds the BBQ garden terrace is a picnic space. After the BBQ, you can enjoy the fireworks and the starry sky while lying on the deck in the picnic space.

Price LIst

BQQ Set (Tools only)
BBQ with your own food
  • (¥11,00/person including tax)
  • Weber BBQ Gas Grill
  • 2 Terrace Tables
  • 10 Terrace Chairs
  • Parasol
  • Tarp (for rainy weather)
  • Carving Knife & Fork
  • Wooden Cutting Board
  • Tongs
  • Cooking Thermometer
  • Barbecue Skewers
  • Barbecue Dish
  • Disposable Chopsticks
  • Bonfire Wod Stove (1 time ¥ 2,200) Firewood will be charged (¥ 660) from the second bundle. Cannot be used in rainy weather. Also, please refrain from cooking with a bonfire wood stove.
  • Please refrain from bringing in your stoves or bonfires stand.
  • It can be ordered all year round, but nights can get quite chilly between November and April. Please bring warm clothes. There is a possibility of snow accumulation from the end of You can order from March 1st to November 31st.
BBQ Set (Food & Tools)
Casa Miyama Super BBQ Set
  • (¥6,600/person including tax)
  • Miyama's Roast Venison
  • Miyama's Boar Meat
  • Miyama's Free Range Chicken
  • 100% Iberian Homemade Pork Hamburger Meat
  • Wagyu (Japanese beef) Steak
  • Seafood (shrimp, squid, turban shell or scallops)
  • Local Shimeji Mushroom with Butter and Soy Sauce
  • Assorted Vegetables to Grill
  • Raw Cabbage with Sauce
  • Cooked Rice (harvested in Miyama)
  • Kimchi
  • Homemade dessert (gelato)
  • Homemade Venison Sauce
  • Homemade Ponzu Sauce
  • Homemade Japanese BBQ Sauce
  • Weber BBQ Gas Grill
  • Bonfire Wood Stove (with 6 kg of firewood)
  • 2 Terrace Tables
  • 8 Terrace Chairs
  • Parasol
  • Carving Knife & Fork
  • Wooden Cutting Board
  • BBQ salt, Pepper, Herbs
  • Tongs
  • Cooking Thermometer
  • Barbecue Dish
  • Disposable Chopsticks
  • *The bonfire and wood stove cannot be used in rainy weather. Also, please refrain from cooking on the bonfire stove. Firewood will be charged (660 yen) from the second bundle.
  • You can order from April 1st to October 31st.

* Although it is in the countryside, there are neighbors’ private houses around. Please be sure to have the BBQ by 10:00 p.m.

*If it rains, we will set up a tarp tent free of charge, so you can enjoy the barbecue even in the rain.

It was a very fashionable and wonderful space! About 2 hours by car from Osaka, it's perfect for a short trip, and I was able to spend a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
I want to tell as many people as possible about this inn, but to tell the truth, I don't want to tell anyone this great place.... because I was the one who found this great place!