Stay at high-quality traditional Japanese house with thatched roof.


The dining kitchen of about 30 square meters has a custom-made tile kitchen and a Spanish marble sink. In winter, how about a hot pot with charcoal in the hearth table while burning firewood in the Norwegian wood stove? We have a complete set of cooking tools including seasonings. We have a wide variety of tableware, from Meiji era pottery to modern wine glasses.


Casa Miyama has two Japanese-style living rooms with tatami; one of 32 square meters with a 10-meter-long Japanese traditional veranda facing the Japanese garden, and the other of 16 square meters facing the backyard. Each Japanese-style room is equipped with a hori-kotatsu, low table over a hole in the floor, so you can sit comfortably without folding your legs on the floor. In addition, you can lie down on a huge Dutch beanbag “Fat Boy” that can be used as a sofa. The bigger room also has four Japan-made beanbags to sit on and air conditioner. Each room has a modern toilet with Spanish ceramic washbowl.


Our Western Bedroom of 20 square meters has a king size bed of Tempur with air conditioner. The room also has a Japanese traditional veranda with a view of the Japanese garden. The veranda has two chairs and a low table.


Our bath has a big Japanese cypress bathtub where three adults can fit in. You can see the lit-up garden from the window of the bathroom.


The attic of the house is a gallery & library where you can enjoy photo exhibition, photo books and books under the thatched rood. Drinking, eating and sleeping in the attic is prohibited.

In this trip, my daughters who live far away from also joined us, so we could reunite our family for the first time in a long time. We were able to spend a warm and comfortable time in the snowy landscape although the house is more than 100 years old. They renovated the house very well. The cleaning was perfect and beautiful. Corona measures such as disinfectant are also perfect. It's been a long time since I've sat under the kotatsu with my family. We spent time playing cards and games, and enjoying conversation while looking at the wood-burning stove that I was dreaming about... Our stay in this house made a lot of good memories. The wide bath was the best. My daughters took a both many times. The bath is filled with the scent of cypress. You can also interact and enjoy conversation with the wonderful owner and his wife. It was so wonderful that actually I don't want to tell many people about this inn (laughs).