Absolutely Miyama


Absolutely Miyama

"Absolutely Miyama" is a video blog by Casa Miyama. We will be posting vlogs about rural life in Miyama, nature, cooking, lodging, and more. All videos will be uploaded on Casa Miyama's official YouTube channel. Please subscribe Casa Miyama's Youtube Official Channel CASA MIYAMA Kyoto

Vol. 11 DIY Photo Studio

Vol. 10 Gion Festival & Plum Jam

Vol.9 DIY Fens, Wood Deck & Plum Wine

Vol.8 Wet Plate Collodion & Bamboo Rice

Vol.7 Spring 2021

Vol.6 Winter in the Deep Snow

Vol.5 Thatched Roof & Yuzu Jam

Vol.4 Our Special Guests and Delicious Things in This Autumn

Hello,   Winter is approaching to Miyama. How are you doing, everyone?   We had an important event this autumn to tell you all. Special guests came and visit our inn!   The special guests are people how were living … Read More

Vol.3 We introduce Tina to you!

Hello, How have you been doing, everyone? Here in Miyama, autumn is getting close to its end. In the meantime, we have been working on our inn to get it on track. By the way, the wood deck that we … Read More

Vol.2 The first guests, and things that have happened this summer

How are you doing? We have been baptized by the Japanese rich nature, from extreme hot weather to the strong typhoon.   Anyway, as you already know, we moved to Miyama, Kyoto, from Barcelona, and renovated an abandoned Japanese thatched … Read More